Saving Mikey
The 8 years old Mikey is lost in the infected area after the virus outbreak. Help him survive and reach the safe zone!

The Lyssa supervirus broke out only 16 days ago. It is not global yet, but a state-sized territory is lost in the US in the Midwest/Mid-Atlantic region. The military have finally established quarantine. Millions are infected. Most of the not-infected are going to get evacuated, but many just got left behind without any help. Many try to get into the infected zone and find their loved ones – and there are few who do not want to leave at all...

The communication lines collapsed and those trapped in the zone are trying to reach someone outside and ask for help. Mikey is one of them. He is lost, he has no weapons, no surviving skills but a communication device. And after a few hours of desperate attempts he has just reached your phone...

The Viking Tablegame

Cubo's roots are in the classic puzzle genre. You can rotate the columns and rows of the cubes until you have the right pattern of the puzzle. A simple training mode is available for the beginners when they can choose the "normal" mode for a simple pattern. Mediocre players can solve the "hard" mode with a complex pattern inside the training mode. And the even more experienced players can try themselves in the hardest "challenge" mode when they have to solve the complex puzzle against the time. The numbers of the cubes are selectable both in "normal" and "hard" modes in the training section.