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Hi there, and welcome to our Developer Blog. Some of you may already know us from our previous game, Saving Mikey.

If you haven’t yet, you can check out the game by clicking on the link, the game is available for FREE on iOS and Android!. Mikey is a text-based adventure game about our little hero who needs your assistance to survive.

Creating the game wasn’t easy and wasn’t even our first game however, our first game was Cubo a small puzzle game. Our first ever published game wasn’t the easiest start we need to admit, but finishing and publishing it was one of the best things in our life.

After having our first game published using Unity, we came up with an idea about a little boy in a very dangerous situation: the idea of Saving Mikey was born.

Mikey slowly steps ahead towards safety

For this game, we decided to go back to our roots and create a text-based adventure game in modern times. We felt that for this game using Unity would be a bit too much, so if we are moving back to our roots, why not try something with our skills from our day-job. As the developer of our team works as a Javascript developer we decided to go with a Javascript, more exactly React-Native. The creation of the game took almost 2 years, but we are happy with the overall results.

After publishing the game we’ve added our native language: Hungarian. This was a request from many of our players and we were happy to step in and make it happen. Many of our friends, new players showed their love for which we are always thankful.

Some say: history repeats itself. It’s no different with us: we’re working on something new, finally we’re back in Unity with new ideas and are busy like working ants. The project is bigger though so we decided we wan’t to share our progress as we move forward, for us the idea is to create this blog.

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