Saving Mikey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The 8 years old Mikey is lost in the infected area after the virus outbreak. Help him survive and reach the safe zone!

The plot

The Lyssa supervirus broke out only 16 days ago. It is not global yet, but a state-sized territory is lost in the US in the Midwest/Mid-Atlantic region. The military has finally established quarantine. Millions are infected. Most of the not-infected are going to get evacuated, but many just got left behind without any help. Many try to get into the infected zone and find their loved ones – and there are few who do not want to leave at all…

The communication lines collapsed and those trapped in the zone are trying to reach someone outside and ask for help. Mikey is one of them. He is lost, he has no weapons, no surviving skills but a communication device. And after a few hours of desperate attempts, he has just reached your phone…

The game is available for FREE on iOS and Android!

He needs your help

About the game

Saving Mikey is a choosable-path adventure game built on plain text messages from a young boy, who went missing in an infected area after “Lyssa”, a very dangerous rabies-like virus started to spread silently. You have to help him survive and reach the safe zone by telling him what to do when he faces different situations and threats during his journey. We mixed the classic „road trip in an apocalyptic world” genre with the interactive Fighting Fantasy books from the 80’s.

The game is available for FREE on iOS and Android!